Monday, May 6, 2013

A friend sent this to me a long time ago and I found it today and thought I'd share it. No clue who to give credit to.

Women are supposed to serve men. It's in your nature and in your genes. Some women fight it.......others are just naive and don't understand it. But it is your place to please men. It's a basic animal instinct that women are attracted to men.....especially sexually. The problem is that there are certain men who are more attractive than others........not attractive as in looks or physical appearance......but attractive in their understanding of women. Attractive in a special way that makes a woman want to serve them. So many men can't quite seem to grasp that it's not about money or power or fame or pretty boy's about understanding the basic nature of women. You have a need to serve.....and you have a "need" to be used.

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