Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Just got back from a fun weekend in Gatlinburg with Master. It started a little rocky but was well worth it. We left late Friday, seeing as how i worked late and He went to work out, but the drive there was great even if it was late into the night. But then we arrive at the resort only to find they did not leave a late check-in packet out for us. So we had to call the after hours number and get some guy out of bed only to find out that we should have been at a completely different part of the resort. They have two sections and welcome lodges. And this after i had called Friday evening to ascertain where we were to go since we would be arriving in the middle of the night. You would think they would have told me the correct info then.

Anyway so we find the 2nd welcome lodge and guess what? No late check-in package there either. So i get the guy out of his bed a second time! And he apologizes and gives me directions to our cabin which is not even located on the resort. It's an off-site cabin. I mean, really?! Good thing he didn't have to come meet us because I think RB would have liked to break his noggin. LOL We were both tired and frustrated but we finally arrived at "our" cabin. And i think it was pretty awesome! And despite the late hour, we went in the bedroom and had some pretty amazing sex. He said He was going to get after it when we got there and He wasn't joking. LOL I don't even know what time we got to sleep but I think the sun was coming up. So we slept in Saturday morning.

We didn't get up until mid-morning Saturday and didn't make it out of the bed till almost lunch time. It was quite a momentous morning because as i was sucking Master's cock, He tells me He's ready to fuck my ass. We've discussed it but He had yet to do it. i admit that although excited when He told me this, i was a little apprehensive. Not like it was my first tme, but...   At any rate, He was patient and took His time and did His best to lessen any discomfort for me. It's hard to explain how something like that can be so uncomfortable but yet one can be so incredibly turned on by it at the same time. I'm laughing now because that pretty much goes for most things in the lifestyle. How is it that being flogged can be so painful and intense but yet my pussy will be soaked before it's over? LOL At any rate, He fucked my ass as though we had been doing it many times and i loved it! i started rubbing my clit and next thing you know, i was cumming hard and fast. Best of all, He came in my ass. Love love love that. Of course, i love when He cums anywhere in or on my body.

Afterwards, i said something about Him having now fucked all my holes. and i do so love the fact that He has. All of me, every hole, every inch of me belong to Him and has been used by Him. i love being His little slut. it's an amazing thing to belong to someone who appreciates that part of me. We showered together and He took care of me by rubbing cocoa butter on my sunburn. i love the ways He makes me feel cared for and protected.

We spent the rest of the day in Gatlinburg exploring the area and riding the sky lift and just enjoying being together. We went to dinner Sat night and it was delicious! We talked about what softball team He's going to play on and He has no idea how touched i was that He mentioned that He was trying to think about also which team have wives and girlfriends who He thought I would get along with. Just another example of Him thinking about me and my happiness and taking care of me. i love Him so much for that because i have wondered how that will work out.

After dinner, we took a drive into Pigeon Forge. That was an adventure. We were pulled over by one of Gatlinburg's finest. Idiot doesn't begin to describe his level of intelligence. He said Master was crossing the center line and riding it for a distance which absolutely ridiculous. He was insistent on asking if Master had been drinking at all or at dinner, which neither of us had. He even took Him back to the police vehicle and gave Him a field sobriety test of following the little pencil light. How primitive! Of course, Master passed and the guy sent us on our way but it was such a waste of time. But now we joke about not crossing any lines while driving. LOL

After that, we went back to the cabin and headed to the hot tub. Master sat up the laptop next to it and turned on some porn but i didn't see much of it because He immediately began playing with my pussy and i was stroking His cock and before You know it i was on top of Him and fucking Him. Very odd sensation with all that hot water and His cock inside me and Him sucking on my nipples. It was actually rather difficult to do because of the height of the seat in the tub. I couldn't keep my knees on it. He eventually sat on the side of the tub and I licked and sucked His cock and balls until He said for us to take it inside where He proceeded to fuck me silly. I finally got to sleep cuddled on His chest about 2 or 3 Sunday morning.

We woke up about 20 mintues before we were supposed to be out of the cabin. So no time for loving this morning. But we got done and got out and headed home. :( Then we found out on the way home that He was going to have to work tonight. That really bites. But when we got home, i said we need to have sex before You go to work and He didn't disagree. :) We got in bed and His cock was so incredibly hard. I pretended i was innocent and didn't know what to do with it and He had to instruct me on sucking it. it was too funny! We both were laughing through it until i started seriously sucking that cock and then He was ready to fuck me. He told me to get my pants off but i decided to be challenging and said make me. This was in fun obviously as i wouldn't disobey anything He told me to do but it was just in the spirit of how things were going. He grabbed me by my hair and fucked my throat hard and told me again to get my pants and I again did not. So he fucked my throat again till i was gagging but i still refused. He grabbed my hair and pushed me over and started sucking and biting on my nipple. He got rough on that nipple till i was about to beg for mercy. that or beg Him to fuck me. Needless to say, the pants came off at that point. And He pounded my pussy. i came over and over. He flipped me over and fucked me from behind. and again i came over and over. Especially when He put His finger/thumb in my ass and had that going as well as His dick in my pussy and i was rubbing my clit. i lost count of how many times i came. He pulled out and stood at the side of the bed and i laid with my head off the side and he fucked my mouth. He pulled out and came on my face and on my tongue. I love when He does that. Afterwards He leaned over and kissed and gave my nipples a suck. If only He knew how much i love that. i love love love having my nipples sucked after sex, and i don't necessarily mean just one little tug. I mean just having them sucked. There's just something so intimate and bonding about it. It's very much like how i feel about falling asleep after sex with His cock in my mouth. That's just an intimacy i don't think most couples share.

So now here i am and wishing He were here and not at work. i'm hoping it's not a long night cause i want to serve Him and please Him before He goes to sleep tonight and because i want to sleep next to Him. In the meantime, off i go to put away His clothes and wash our laundry from the weekend. Back to every day life...

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