Monday, May 6, 2013

Home is Where the Heart Is

In a previous post, i mentioned that i was in the process of cleaning and organizing our home so as to provide a loving and welcoming home for Master and our children. People often ask how important is environment to a relationship, and i have to say that in my opinion, it ranks quite high on the list of importance. After all, doesn't the saying go along the lines of "a man's home is his castle"?

i want our home to be Master's castle. i want it to be a place He always wants to come home, the place He longs to be, and is happy to return to every night. i believe the only way to achieve that is to make our home a comfortable, welcoming oasis for Him. i believe not only should He come home to find it clean and organized and inviting but that He should feel that i'm glad that He is there. i try to meet Him as He comes in every night because i want Him to know His presence means so much to me. i want to greet Him with a smile, a hug and a kiss so that He knows that i missed Him while we were apart and that i'm thrilled for Him to be back home in the castle for the night. My greeting Him every night and my attempts to maintain a cozy home environment are ways to show my appreciation for the fact that He works hard every day to make a future for us.

In return, He never fails to express His appreciation of a clean house or anything else i've done for Him. i feel that we cannot be the only couple who exist this way or think along those lines. If you research within the lifestyle, you find so many instances of daily rules or expectations for subs to include household chores and making the home a pleasant place to be. While it's not a chore or rule designated between us at this time, it's still one about which i have strong opinions.

And i know some are asking: does this mean He never helps out around the house? LOL On the contrary, He never fails to take care of the chores He deems His own nor does He fail to offer to help me with any household chore when He sees i have numerous things on my plate. He can sense when i'm feeling overwhelmed and does whatever is needed to help me find balance.

i'm a blessed woman to share a home within which resides my heart and His. it makes this house in which we live a place i want to come home to as well because wherever He is, is where my Heart and home shall be.

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