Monday, May 6, 2013

Sleepy Monday

So it's actually Tuesday now but the post is really about my Monday. I've had a hard time staying awake today. Not enough sleep I guess. Tried staying up because I thought Master might be home early and he was a little but still I should gone to bed and gotten more rest. It was worth being awake for though. God, that man can make blind with desire. And afterwards we fell asleep exhausted still joined together. I don't know why but I loved us falling asleep with His cock still inside me. And when I woke up, I really didn't want to move but my leg was so uncomfortable. The intimacy level between us is just so incredible.

I would have loved to sleep in snuggled up with Him but duty called and off to work I went. Not a bad day but a long one it seemed. Had a decent work-out but not as good as I would have liked. Had a massive headache which throbbed with every exertion. But anyway, got everyone hone and in bed and the I fell asleep unintentionally and slept until Master called. I liked having that time to talk in the night. With him working at night, it and any other conversations or messages keeps me feeling connected to Him. Course I'm sure He didn't intend to spend all that time talking but as always, He listened cause He knew it was important to me to discuss how to let the kids know about him living here. How can He be so amazing? I love this man so. His care of me and the kids touches my heart.

There's more to my day and my thoughts tonight but frankly I'm just too tired to stay up and expound on them further. The sandman is really working on getting me to fall asleep before I finish. LOL So I guess everything else will wait till tomorrow.

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