Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday I reposted numerous entries to the blog from the past.  I had taken them all down at some point and when I reposted, I didn't think to put the original posting dates within the body of the post. I really wish I had done that because it reminds of the when things occurred along the journey.  But most I can tell just by reading even if others cannot.  I did not repost every blog entry but just some of the ones I enjoyed and thought maybe someone else would.  I thought that maybe eventually my chosen family might read my blog and I wanted them to have a tiny glimpse into the past.  Chosen family, you say.  Yes, life has changed yet again, and Master and I have a new chosen family.  More to come on that later.

My presence here has waxed and waned over the last couple years.  I really enjoy writing about every day things as well as topics that are important to me.  As the post before this one indicated, time is something I seem never to have enough of and writing here tends to fall to the back burner.  I'm going to work at being more consistent.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that obviously I didn't write all those posts yetserday and that they simply illustrate a timeline of the past.  Maybe if I can find the time I will go back and try to date them.   But I'm not worrying too much over that.

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