Monday, May 6, 2013

Making Decisions Based on Fear

Why did this repost itself? I wrote this months ago.  Stupid Blogger app.

At times in the past, I've made some decisions based on lack of confidence in myself and fear. Know what happens when you allow fear to determine your decisions? It takes over and over-rides everything. It takes away all you know to be true and if you allow it to, it will take over. And it is stealthy and sneaky and it will happen when you don't realize it until suddenly everything comes crumbling down around you. And there are people who just love to feed that fear for you and do their best to cause you to question yourself. Don't people know or understand that if you tear someone down, you're tearing yourself down as well. We're meant to edify one another, build each other up. How foolish of those who tried and how foolish of me to allow it to happen.

So here's where I stand now:

Words can be misleading. Actions not so much. I know when I am loved, and I know when I love. I know who I am. I know my own heart. I known what my limitations and I know the ones that I can break through and become even better than I am as a person.

But those two sentences: actions are not misleading and I know when I'm loved and I know when I love....that is enough for me. It's enough to make me believe even more strongly in what I know to be true and real, not what other people want to make me believe.

We have to face fears and overcome them, not allow them to take over our world and cause us to lose focus on who we are.

I am me, i am tam tam; i am babygirl; i am Master's baby; i am my kids' mom; and i am the best of friends to those i love and care for. That's good enough for me and it certainly seems good enough for those who love me. Those who think otherwise about me don't really matter, now do they? Besides, there are many many characteristics about me that most women would never understand the value of and many that would make them wish they were more like me.

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