Monday, May 6, 2013

Sex on the Brain

I have sex on the brain tonight. Can't stop thinking about it. Course I guess that's not unusual for me. Seems i think about it much more than most. LOL But i think that's a good thing.

As usual, i had AWESOME sex this weekend. Master fucked my ass! I loved it! No idea why considering it hurts like hell when He starts putting in there but i do love it once He's in and fucking me hard.

This morning He came on my face and on my i love that! What it is about Him standing over me and watching Him stroking His cock, Him putting His balls on my face and letting me lick and suck them and then that cum squirting out onto my tongue or on my face that drives me insane. Is there anything this man does that I don't absolutely love?

God I wish he would hurry home so that he could fuck me again and then curl up to sleep in His arms.

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