Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Been a Monday!

You know how some days are crappy and you just want a do-over? Well, today I'd just like to erase it completely and not even do it over.

This morning started with not wanting to wake up and staying in bed longer than i should have. Got the kids to school and off to work I went only to find out there was an accident ahead on the interstate somewhere and traffic was backed up forever and not moving. And of course, I needed gas. LOL. I finally found a place to turn around and cross over the median and go back and find an alternate route but obviously, that made me late.

Work was as it is every day....nonstop. I was so busy! And naturally still didn't accomplish everything i needed to do today. I look forward to the end of every work day. Not just to come home to my hunny and kids but to be away from there. I left work today only to face dealing with a situation with my exhusband.

He adamantly opposes Master and I living together but i hate to tell him but sorry for his luck. He had some other things to say that weren't so nice and rather surprised me that he would say to me, but I guess that shows that's how he really feels about me. You would think that after having been married to me for 11 years, he would know me better than that. But then again, he never really knew me during that time and never really tried to know all about me, all the facets of me. And furthermore, he could never handled most of them anyway.

He can threaten me with court all he likes. Does he really not know me well enough to know that if i say i love this man and want to live my life with Him with the hope of a future marriage further down the line, that nothing said or done will tear me from Him? He should know better. I would face anything and defend my right to be with this man. He's the love for whom I searched and longed for so very long. I've faced far too much already to give up now. And besides I believe in Him and I believe in us. If I'm proven wrong down the line, then so be it, but for now, i belong to and with this man. I am His. And my ex can freaking deal with it. I love Him; my kids love Him; they're sad when He's not around and happy when He is. He is good for me and for all of us. So we'll just see what happens. But I refuse to argue and fight with him about it. He can deal or take me to court.

Got that out of the way and hit the gym for a leg work-out. Felt way too weak. But as Master pointed out, we missed that last week. Guess that's why. But I worked hard what little time I had anyway. Home at last and helped the little one with his shower and so forth and got them squared away. Course my daughter wants me to explain what her daddy meant about court and all that. So guess I'll go try to answer her questions. Master said he'll be home shortly anyway! Can't wait! I miss my sexy man.

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