Monday, May 6, 2013

Play Time

***Contains Adult Content and Language***

Today I asked Master for permission for some play time and He not only permitted me to play but to cum as well. The last three days has seemed like an eternity without Him and without orgasm. He was surprised that i had waited so long to ask Him to allow me to do so, but as i explained to Him, i wanted to wait for His return. But since He voluntarily allowed it, i immediately went to the ladies room and began playing with my clit. My pussy was so incredibly wet already! When i im'ed him how wet i was, He instructed me to send Him a pic. i wonder if He knows how much more that turned me on, Him wanting a pic and me taking it, just for Him. He sent me over the top though when He immediately came back with an im directing me to send Him a pic with my fingers in my pussy. i could barely take the pic i was so close to orgasm. Of course, immediately after i snapped the pic and sent it, i fucked my pussy with those same fingers till i came hard and fast. i wanted so badly to suck the cum off my fingers but i had forgotten to ask Him if i could and i knew i couldn't wait for His response as i had to get back to my desk.

i remembered to thank Him for allowing me to play and cum and He, in turn, thanked me for the pics and let me know how much i turn Him on. That conversation led to us discussing the fact that i am His own personal slut, and that He loves that part of me as well as every other aspect of who I am. i'm so thankful to belong to One who knows how to handle all the many facets of who i am, from the church-goer on Sunday to the professional person by day to His slut any time He wants me to be. So many men can't deal with the transition from one aspect to another.

I am so ready for Him to come home, ready to see Him, to touch Him, to love on Him, and to have Him fuck me six ways to Sunday. LOL i miss my Man.

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