Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Blood is thicker than water or so the saying goes.  What does that really mean?  Figuratively speaking, I think it's reminder that loyalty to your family should be first and foremost.  Rather idealistic, I think. 

True that I was born into a family, one that I have loved to the best of my ability, and perhaps they loved me to the best of their ability, but sadly sometimes even the best is not enough.  Perhaps my best is not what they needed or vice versa.  I think it's difficult for blood family sometimes to let go of their preconceived ideas about who we are or who they think we are or should be.  Some people cannot move past their expectations and lock themselves (along with others) into rigid roles within our family relationships.

What I've learned from some members of my blood family are these ideas:

People who do not love themselves and accept themselves (the good, the bad, the beauty, the ugly) can never love and accept the good and the bad, the beauty and the ugliness of others. 

People who have no inner peace will never be peaceful.

People who refuse to let go of their past will never move forward and will take their past pain out on others close to them.

You know what I lacked in my blood family?  Not with all members but with some.  Things I think everyone needs:  Acceptance as myself, to be heard, to have relationships based upon mutual respect and honesty.

I've experienced that with very few of my blood family members.

Last month, Master and I became a part of something so amazing I hardly have words to describe it.  Our family was born, so to speak.  And it has nothing to do with genetics. 

This family represents a kinship of souls, dedication to one another and a life concept, unity of minds and spirits.  This family relates to a culture of honor and respect and loyalty, covenants to one another.

It is about being with people who delight, inspire, appreciate, and respect U/us.  These are people I love being with.  These are people who want and accept me as I am and who, in turn, I accept as they are, and love them for all of it, strengths and faults.  These are people with whom W/we can learn and grow, each individually, but yet together in a spirit of mutual support and desire to improve ourselves and our community.

We don't share blood but this is my family by choice.  The power of this bond is so incredibly strong.  I truly feel these are my kin.  My brother and sister slaves are so close to my heart.   My Master and His Brothers are men to look upon with respect and awe because they love us and guide us and protect us in this harsh world.

We are all now joined in a way that is foreign to most but to me, it feels as natural as the wind blowing across the fields.

I love these people!  And I love who I am with these people and who I can become.

Choosing a family, a tribe, a clan, is not about adding a bunch of friends on Fet or Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media you use.  It's about finding those people in your life who will walk, hand-in-hand, with you, no matter what comes your way.  These are the people who will laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry, fight when you fight, and will always smile when they see you.

Where there were just the two of U/us, now there are a total of six.
The Masters and their slaves.
The Family.

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